10 things polite Realtors won’t tell sellers — but should | Inman News

Well, I have told my sellers a few of these things before as I want them to realize what the buyers are thinking, and I do try to do it politely. Most of my sellers listen, but I have had a few in the past that didn’t.

Todays buyers typically expect to see homes in better condition and kept up, especially in todays market now that prices have risen.

Unfortunately, not all buyers can see beyond your stuff. I can tell you that I have had buyers walk into a home, and if it looks dirty, they have walked right out without out even seeing the rest of the home.

Las Vegas home buyers tip: Try to see beyond the seller’s items and decor, remember simple things like paint and envisioning you adding your personal touch, can go a long way in helping you seeing the potential home as being your future home.

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