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5 Tips to Selling your Home

Most of these you have most likely heard before but are worth repeating.

1.  Curb appeal

I have had buyers make a snap decision that they aren’t going to like the inside just based on the unkept front of a home and I’m sure many others have done the same.  Their idea, if it looks this bad outside the inside maybe the same.  Not always that way, but it is that first impression some get.

2.  Clutter

Keep it tidy and clean on the inside.

There are many buyers who still can’t see past “your” stuff, because you have so much of it or appears that way.   Take the time to clean your toilet, keep the seat down and clean your shower…..buyers DO pull back the shower curtain to see.  A little “scrubbing bubbles” goes a long way in a short amount of time.

3.  Price it right.   This is always up for debate with sellers and buyers as well as their agents and then the appraiser.

Regardless of your market, typically pricing is what draws people in once they have decided on the location.  In many markets pricing can be tricky right now.  Some markets are seeing price increases in their area, but that doesn’t mean you can jack the price up to an unreasonable price and expect to sell it quickly.   If you price too high, many potential buyers won’t even see it online in their search.  Typically buyers have a price range and they will say my max is $200,000, so if you are priced at $200,999, they most likely won’t see your home because they have their search set firmly at that $200,000 max price point.

4. Work with an agent who knows how to get your home on 100’s of internet sites.

Most all buyers now turn to the internet to start their home search, before they ever talk to their lender or a real estate agent.  Because of the vast amount of information now available online, by the time a buyer contacts an agent, they may know more about the neighborhood they want to move into than the agent.

5. Pictures

Along with the home being on the internet, it needs to have pictures, everyone loves pictures.  Many buyers will just skip over the homes without pictures, they really do, they tell me this all the time.  Even if you are just showing the best features of the home, that will usually grab the buyers attention, but no pictures = a skip.


Posted on September 13, 2013 at 12:31 pm by Dawn Barrier


Julie Youngblood on said: Reply

Great post Dawn! I agree 100%, keep it up!

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