Las Vegas 1st Time Home Buyers May Be Forced out of the Las Vegas Real Estate Market


Rising interest rates combined with low inventory and rising home prices may get some Las Vegas 1st Time Home Buyers to get of the fence and Buy Now (702) 812-4550, while for others it may kill their ideas of buying a Las Vegas home.

The longer a buyer waits to buy a Las Vegas home, the more risk they are at having to pay more for a smaller home or maybe not get into the neighborhood they desire. Even small rate increases add up According to – On a $300,000 house with a 30-year fixed mortgage and 20% down payment, the difference between 4% and 5% is $142 a month. That’s more than $51,000 during the life of the mortgage.

Are you looking for maybe $250,000 Homes in Southwest Las Vegas?

Here are some Homes in South West Las Vegas zip code 89148 for $200,000 to $250,000

Did you see an “Online Estimate” of Your Las Vegas home value and you didn’t like it?
Contact (702) 812-4550 to get the FACTS on what home prices are REALLY selling for in your neighborhood.

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