An increase in available homes on the market for sale should be a good thing for some buyers as it may give them a few more options, yet, some buyers still have been priced out of the market over this past few months and some are still having difficulty getting qualified to purchase a home in the Las Vegas area.


We are starting to see some sellers that priced their homes too high for the market do some price reductions to bring them in line with current buyer trends.  See my 5 Tips To Selling Your Home Las Vegas Home.


The amount of Las Vegas homes for sale that do not have contracts on them has increased to approx 8,923 homes. 


Of that approx 1,041 are Short Sales.  As you can see, even though prices have risen this past year, there are still homeowners that owe more on their home than it can sell for so they need to do a Short Sale.


There are approx 5,554 homes that already have contracts on them and are waiting to close escrow.

Approx 2,284 homes have sold in the past 30 days.

By:  Dawn Barrier


Real Estate Agent with Prominent Realty Group, LLC

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